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Ramona is 21 years old, and she works in a bank. Her English was better than mine, so the communication between us was flawless ;) She even agree to tell us which one is bank she was working for, and after I explain her what exactly we do there in the park and why we stopped her, I also found out that she was dressed like the way she was dressed (business skirt with high heels and a white shirt) because she is going to meet somebody later that afternoon. It was great because I just wanted to help her to spend the time till the meeting in the nicest way possible (for us ;) BUT maybe for her too. Check out the clip and find out if she had a great time soaking her business outfit.


  • It seems the water was a bit cold but the scene was just great, why aren't there any girls like these in my area, or maybe I'm not looking hard enough and spend to much time here? :)

    cold (Saturday, September 11, 2010)

  • Ramona is a beautiful girl, slim and sexy. I love the split skirt and she enjoys getting wet. More, more please Ramona.

    Skipperag (Sunday, September 19, 2010)

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