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What do a woman think that will happen on her way to work?... Nothing special maybe and the trip till her working place will be the same as every other day, with the same traffic and the same buildings and maybe who knows almost the same people who rush towards their working places. BUT that day was a little different for Maria because we saw her on the sidewalk and of course because her looks was absolutely great and her dressing flawless I could not let her pass without trying to get her into the mud pit. Maria is 24 years old and she works as a secretary, so the dressing was according her job (or according to the boss's tastes) who knows. Anyway... that day it was not the boss who enjoyed the looks of Maria's black skirt which was tight on her hips and the looks of her tight shirt and top underneath and the looks of her black and probably expensive black heels. It was us who was lucky enough to enjoy Maria's company getting her to trash her clothes into the mudpit. Check out the update to see how we got her in the mud wearing her working clothes.

NOTE: The clip have two versions one encoded at 4 MBPS [p1,p2 versions] and one encoded at 2 MBPS (for the slower internet connection and older PC's) [sv version].


  • Extra Picture #2
    Extra Picture #2
    Extra Picture #1
    Extra Picture #1

    Few extra pictures from this sexy lady.

    webmaster (Monday, January 7, 2013)

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