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Viva felt a little sick and she went to visit the doctor. The doctor was out but Ilka the nurse thought that this blonde girl would be the perfect subject to get some experience, so she pretended to be the doctor and invited Viva to take a seat. Like any doctor would do, she started to check her pulse when suddenly Viva fainted. Of course Ilka's no doctor, and the only thing she remembered to do in these moments was to splash the victim with water. And after she poured a whole glass of water over Viva's clothes she thought that the girl needed more so she took Viva under a hot shower. See for yourself if it worked or not.

NOTE: This update contains a 10 minutes clip, encoded in HDV 720p (progressive) format and a set of 172 high resolution pictures, which can be downloaded in a ZIP file format or watched one by one.


  • Lovely ... i loved watching those green pants getting wet. very sexy babe!

    Pornius (Tuesday, January 18, 2011)

  • I would love to be cameraman, he has a pretty nice job :D

    amorous1975 (Thursday, January 20, 2011)

  • @amorous1975
    :)) Believe me... not always.

    WEBMASTER (Thursday, January 20, 2011)

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