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If the first time she entered into the pool Joana was admired and complimented... (via e-mail of course) by many winter clothing fans then this time she have something for the seethru and satin fans because as many of you noticed at the end of the first clip I've asked her if she would accept a clip wearing a dress of ours so she said yes, I guess mainly because till her clothes was drying what could all of us do? Play chess? I am sure that a second clip with Joana wearing a long satin gown without bra, tan pantyhose and silver heels would be more appreciated by you all.

NOTE: The clip have two versions. A large screen version encoded at 4 MBPS [p1,p2 files] and a small screen version - encoded at 2 MBPS (for the slower internet connection and older PC's) [sv file].


  • What a great seethru scene, and Joana likes the whole scene which is great and her breasts .... hmmmmm :)

    seethru (Tuesday, September 21, 2010)

  • It`s a Hot video, love her long hair!

    Kriss32 (Thursday, November 17, 2011)

  • what a perfect swimsuit !
    a long clingy dress - and quite seethru.
    she nows how to tease.

    can you make some more videos (there are 3 atm, got them) with this dress with other models ? Maybe with Adeline ?

    alex (Tuesday, May 27, 2014)

    • Cannot tell for sure Alex. Thd dress is too sexy for some of the models and we also need to find a model to fit the dress :)
      But the dress is a great clothing so we will not miss the chance to ise it if we can.

      webmaster (Friday, May 30, 2014)

  • How about Karida, she seems to like seethru clothing.
    Even if the dress would be too big/long, it would look good on Alex (Funny how this name works for boys and girls).

    Kind of slapstik wetlook - "this dress is too big" walking could be difficult, but swimmsing should work

    Alex (Friday, May 30, 2014)

  • How can a dress be to sexy :P

    asegæst (Friday, May 30, 2014)

  • I must agree that this is absolutely in my opinion one of the sexiest dresses so far :)



    Petri (Friday, May 30, 2014)

  • Thank you Alex and asegæst and Petri
    We will sure work on this in the future.

    webmaster (Saturday, May 31, 2014)

    • Thanks!, and great news!, Kata with this dress would be = :) :) :)

      Petri (Saturday, May 31, 2014)

      • :D

        webmaster (Saturday, May 31, 2014)

  • There is a custom video featuring Ginger with this dress to be released some day :)

    Petri (Sunday, June 22, 2014)

    • Yes, it's T856c1... you know that cos it was a custom made video for you :) Thank you for the support.

      BTW Petri, custom-videos.com is for sale cos I cannot take care of it properly so I sell the system and the domain, so if you know a producer who would like to take over and it's a serious producer let him know please that I am selling the whole stuff.

      I am writing about this cos that is an announcement I wanted to make on the blog and I know that you are in contact with more producers who take custom orders.

      webmaster (Monday, June 23, 2014)

      • I'll see if i can do something, but i can't promise anything.

        Petri (Tuesday, June 24, 2014)

        • Of course, no problem... it would be a shame to let the domain name just expire.

          webmaster (Tuesday, June 24, 2014)

      • I'll appreciate very much if you could post 1 or 2 pictures from T856C1 and T856C4 (both are not released yet) as a "appetizer" for all Ginger fans, thanks! :)

        Petri (Tuesday, June 24, 2014)

        • Extra Picture #2
          Extra Picture #2
          Extra Picture #1
          Extra Picture #1

          Ok, it's not a habit of me to post in advance teasers but since both this sessions was your custom videos I will consider these to be a gift from YOU to the blog visitors ;)

          webmaster (Wednesday, June 25, 2014)

          • Great gift indeed :)

            Petri (Wednesday, June 25, 2014)

  • WOW I definitely do look forward to these releases.

    asegest (Wednesday, June 25, 2014)

    • Yes, Ginger knows her stuff :)

      webmaster (Wednesday, June 25, 2014)

  • She is beautiful!!! How old is she?

    Rit (Friday, April 1, 2022)

  • Feet please

    Guest (Thursday, June 8, 2023)

    • She didn't take off her heels.

      Lara (Sunday, June 11, 2023)

  • Swimming picture please

    Guest (Tuesday, June 13, 2023)

    • I don't have any swimming picture of her.

      Lara (Friday, June 16, 2023)

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