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We was resting on a bench and we was talking when I saw Alexandra passing by... and I noticed her very nice body... I jumped from the bench and I rush after her (because she was in a hurry)... I catch her and I stopped her (of course). When she introduced herself I noticed she have a very strong hand shake... which told me a lot about the kind of girl she is... She was in a hurry indeed so I only had two minutes to convince her that getting into a bath tub with all her clothes on (black high heels, black velvet pants, a white sweater and white shirt) is the best thing to try that day. Her English was very good and we could talk in English and as the hand shake proved I discovered that she is a very strong woman... She told me that she is a reporter for the biggest local newspaper. I asked her if she heard about situations when the ppl in the summer cool off in fountains or other places with water while they are still wearing their clothes. And she told me that she saw that kind of scenes too but she think that those ppl was little nuts. So I told her that we are "nuts" too and we would want her to be "nuts" that day... See how the things went and see what I had to do in exchange to get Alexandra under the shower with all her clothes on.


  • Este Clip esta ¡Genial!

    gumer2 (Tuesday, January 25, 2011)

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