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We had two beauties on the set, and we wanted to make this session fun, so we found a ball and made a gate out of two traffic cones (I cannot imagine how those cones were there). Anyway, the task was to score, and each time they finished, they moved the cones closer to each other. When the ball didn't hit the gate, the beauty who missed the shot got a bucket of water on her heels and clothes.
Enjoy Babett, Alida's ball play, and the pool session afterward.


  • Did Babett dunk her head underwater ?

    PAhyacintheDraw94 (Thursday, May 16, 2024)

    • Yes, she did. :-)

      Lara (Friday, May 17, 2024)

      • Did you have pic ?

        PAhyacintheDraw94 (Friday, May 17, 2024)

        • Sadly I don't have any.

          Lara (Saturday, May 18, 2024)

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