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Alehandra and Mirabela are having fun, together in the pool, both wearing their working clothes.


  • what a lovely legs!

    Guest (Sunday, April 26, 2015)

  • Lady in the black suit wearing socks?

    Guest (Sunday, April 26, 2015)

    • Yes, she is wearing socks.

      webmaster (Monday, April 27, 2015)

  • Is good to see Alehandra again, I've missed her beautiful smile and cute eyes,
    Any way, I had no much stories of my messy experiences with Irina, just one, we finally got the slime!!! And we did it today, it was a hot day we were walking at street, and we saw a little boys playing in a fountain and we thought... Why not? So we gone to the fountain and got soaked together, and after that we realized that we couldn't go to the car fully soaked, you know... The vests so we gone looking for some clothes store, we found it, we bought some dry clothes and beside the store it was a curiosity store, and I saw it a few bags of slime mix, I bought of them them... And I show them to irina, she was so happy, I choose a green bag and a blue one, Irina chosen one black and a purple, we've gone to my house, we put a little kid pool and I mixed 4 buckets of slime around 40L of slime and we played with it, of course we changed our clothes... She was wearing a nice casual purple dress and peep toe flats, i was wearing shorts and a t- shirt (like I said a hot day) it was amazing!! She was looking beautiful with all that mess over her, her feet was the best... And... Guess what I also bought at supermarket a few chocolate sauce bottles.. So I have a chocolate surprise for Irina in next week

    Ed (Sunday, April 26, 2015)

    • You are very lucky man Ed. You should buy a lottery ticket :) Not kidding ;)

      Me and the EuroWAM TEAM, are very happy for you.

      webmaster (Monday, April 27, 2015)

  • Are you able to show a picture of the lady's socks? It's always a pleasure to see ladies getting wet, dirty or muddy in socks! Many thanks.

    Peter (Monday, April 27, 2015)

    • Hello Peter,
      don't have any pictures with the socks.

      webmaster (Monday, April 27, 2015)

  • Hello admin! I want to suggest you something... Can you through Wetlook Hunter, instead of young models, to ask some older ladies (36+), to get wet ?? Because I want to buy some update, but I want some older women's, if you understand me. I know that you have Wetlook Ladies, but those clips are very old, and it's not too much interesting, if you know what I mean... I'm sure that in Romania have some MILFs who want's to get wet for money (I suppose that you pay those girls to get wet). That's all, thanks in advance!

    Marko96 (Tuesday, April 28, 2015)

    • Thank you for the suggestion. Believe me, I like older women too, so IF I could do it then I would do it.

      webmaster (Tuesday, April 28, 2015)

  • Can we see an extra pic of the girls back coming out of the pool?Thank you.

    Mariano (Tuesday, April 28, 2015)

    • Extra Picture #1
      Extra Picture #1

      Don't have one Mariano, but I have one extra for Alehandra's fans.

      webmaster (Wednesday, April 29, 2015)

      • Very nice, thanks.

        slambert2000 (Wednesday, April 29, 2015)

  • Alehandra is gorgeous! I always love her updates. Any chance we could get a close up shot of her soaked in that skirt? Thanks

    SouthFlotidaWet (Wednesday, April 29, 2015)

    • Extra Picture #1
      Extra Picture #1

      As close as I could find.

      webmaster (Saturday, May 2, 2015)

  • Where is that extra picture from?

    Guest (Wednesday, April 29, 2015)

    • It's from a custom video.

      webmaster (Saturday, May 2, 2015)

      • Will we get to see any time soon?

        Guest (Tuesday, May 5, 2015)

        • Not very soon. It will be uploaded to the sexywetlook project.

          webmaster (Tuesday, May 5, 2015)

  • Are there any back pics of the girl in the suit?

    Jonas (Friday, May 15, 2015)

    • Don't have any back pictures for this one Jonas.

      webmaster (Friday, May 15, 2015)

      • So is there wetlook back filming/video?

        Dev (Thursday, May 2, 2019)

        • There is no particular focus on the back but of course we have videos from all angles.

          webmaster (Saturday, May 4, 2019)

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