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In this one, we will ride along with Csilla. Of course, the horse was not present in the shot for obvious reasons.


  • Can I see how her hair looks completely wet?

    Guest (Friday, July 28, 2023)

  • Do you know when the next mud session video will be out? Thanks Lara ;)

    LC (Friday, July 28, 2023)

  • Would definitely love to see all of the girls for your mud pit this summer in only barefoot and sandals I feel like you should have more barefoot mud scenes. Hope you can use my feedback

    LC (Friday, July 28, 2023)

    • We've done some barefoot sets too, so there will be. As soon as possible, there will be mud scenes. :-)

      Lara (Tuesday, August 1, 2023)

      • Wait does this mean you have already filmed the barefoot scenes and are just waiting to post them. So the updates will be out this week :)

        Guest (Tuesday, August 1, 2023)

        • I don't know when, but there will be up ;-)

          Lara (Tuesday, August 8, 2023)

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