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It's true what they say... the way to a woman's heart is a compliment and it's one thing if a guy compliments a girl and it's entirely other thing when a girl compliments another girl. Lara experienced that right after she stopped Amanda.

Amanda is a bartender and she is 23 years old and the crew thanks her that she was brave enough to play along and take Lara's challenge.


  • Is there a picture of her taking off her shoes?

    Guest (Thursday, November 4, 2021)

    • She didn't took the shoes off.

      webmaster (Saturday, November 6, 2021)

  • No handbag in the shower? 😪

    Tara (Saturday, November 6, 2021)

    • Nope ;) Maybe an idea for next shootings... Lara will get some girls to keep the purse on.

      webmaster (Saturday, November 6, 2021)

  • Lara has new shoes. I wonder when they get wet.

    Guest (Sunday, November 7, 2021)

  • Lara has new shoes. I wonder when they get wet. :)

    Guest (Friday, November 12, 2021)

    • :) good spot. And I am sure the answer is: pretty soon.

      webmaster (Saturday, November 13, 2021)

    • Hi! It can happen in any time ;-)

      Lara (Saturday, November 20, 2021)

  • Amazing update with Nike sneakers, did Amanda go home wearing her wet Nikes?

    Guest (Sunday, December 5, 2021)

    • No, she changed her clothes.

      Lara (Monday, December 6, 2021)

  • Beautiful, did she have on bare feet or with socks or p/h?

    Guest (Sunday, December 5, 2021)

    • I can only guess... she was barefeet. The socks are not visible at all.

      webmaster (Monday, December 6, 2021)

  • Don't forget to choose the videos which will be set as free for christmas this year for the whole community. Details here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Dlr9UXQmIU

    Lara (Wednesday, December 8, 2021)

  • Any picture of front of her T-shirt wet

    Guest (Friday, December 10, 2021)

    • Extra Picture #1
      Extra Picture #1

      Here is one for you.

      webmaster (Saturday, December 11, 2021)

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