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I always thought and still do that this website's productions depends very much on luck. Honestly, you can be the best and have the sweetest talk and without a bit of luck you will get no footage at the end of the day. And in general we consider that we are a very lucky crew :)

BUT from time to time karma proves to be well... not a bitch but let's just say that there are very hard days.

And this day was hard, the car was broken, Lara was not in a good mood, at some point even the rain was pouring so the crew had to take a rest but it was determined to find someone to get into the jacuzzi since we had rented all that place for the day and we would had to pay it anyway. So they went back on the streets after the rain has stopped a bit and fortunately our bad luck got washed away.

Meet Szendy and Hanna 24 and 23 years old, it was a pleasure to work with them to watch them soaking themselves for the first time... Discover their story yourself and have fun watching Szendy in this session, Hanna will come in the next one.


  • The video with Szende is very good, but after she got out of the jacuzzi, there don't appear to be any english subtitles when she is talking with Lara about her experience of getting wet. Can you add the english subtitles, if possible?

    Someguy (Thursday, February 20, 2020)

    • Hello,
      thank you for the feedback. I have passed it to the editing guy... it was a mistake made by him. As soon as he replies I will get back to you.

      webmaster (Friday, February 21, 2020)

    • The video has been fixed. Thank you for the comment.

      webmaster (Thursday, February 27, 2020)

  • There are two girl.They will wet.
    why not go into the bath toghter? The bath is big enough.

    asksaga (Friday, February 21, 2020)

    • Good point!

      webmaster (Thursday, February 27, 2020)

      • Personally I like it the way it is. First, it is interesting to see the "dry" girl to watch her friend getting wet in the tub, second, one can look forward to see the second girl to get wet in couple of days :) In this case I can't wait to see the brunette in the bath tub 8-) Thanks for great Hunt.

        vaulter (Thursday, February 27, 2020)

        • Thank you for your feedback ;) It is kind of thrilling watching a dry girl, watching her friend getting wet while she KNOWS she will get wet as well.

          webmaster (Friday, February 28, 2020)

  • Nice update. Are there going to be wetlookhunter updates with that pool in that house?

    DragonAir (Friday, February 21, 2020)

    • For sure.

      webmaster (Thursday, February 27, 2020)

  • When are you going to post Hanna update?

    Guest (Saturday, March 7, 2020)

    • Yeah I was hoping that would be today’s update..

      Guest (Sunday, March 8, 2020)

      • Yes, initially I wanted to be as well... but I had to upload the current one instead.

        webmaster (Tuesday, March 10, 2020)

        • When can we see it then? ;)

          Pwam (Tuesday, March 10, 2020)

          • Next session will be live on 20.

            webmaster (Saturday, March 14, 2020)

  • Trailer:

    Eurowam Team (Tuesday, May 19, 2020)

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