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She is pretty and she is always ready to mess her clothes. So we prepared a bucket of purple slime and we let her have some fun while we was shooting the video ;)


  • Did the clothe survive?

    Tony (Monday, February 5, 2018)

    • Hello,
      Only the leggings and heels.

      webmaster (Thursday, February 8, 2018)

      • Did she atleas rip the hoodie? Or is there going to be a clip about rippng it? Could have had some extra shots in the end.

        Tony (Thursday, February 8, 2018)

        • She didn't rip any of her clothes. We don't have clips featuring clothes ripping as in most of the cases we work with model's clothing and in most of the cases they bring the clothes they love the most. SO not even money compensation will convince them to rip their clothes AND besides I dunno how many fans would like to see clothes ripping and on top of that there are other producers who are producing ripping stuff so I have doubts that we will produce scenes with ripping clothes in the future.

          webmaster (Friday, February 9, 2018)

          • Thank you for the answer. I understood that only the leggings and heels survived. So I figured you or the model throw the rest of the clothes that don't survive away. In my opinion if they don't survive and if you throw them away, then I assume it would not do any harm to have one extra minute for the ripping :)

            Tony (Friday, February 9, 2018)

            • Well indeed what you are saying is logical. BUT please note that we don't know what clothes survive and what clothes don't when we do the video. After we finish most of the clothes looks that they are ruined (as we don't wash them with anything but water) BUT after the model bring them home and wash them properly then we have the "verdict". And we are called to compensate the loss :)

              webmaster (Saturday, February 10, 2018)

              • It is a shame to know that the clothes will be just thrown away later and not being used in a one last shot/clip. Sometimes people sell clothes that they do not need anymore. So perhaps on one of those occasions you are willing to make an exception. I would gladly compensate the cost of the clothes

                Tony (Thursday, February 15, 2018)

                • Hello Tony. I will keep that in mind.

                  webmaster (Saturday, February 17, 2018)

  • Such a beautiful girl and sexy clothes.

    Did anything survive?

    Any pictures of her heels filled with slime?

    Did it all go straight in the trash?

    Guest (Wednesday, February 7, 2018)

  • Is there any set date or period of time between set releases.


    Love your work

    Guest (Wednesday, March 7, 2018)

    • No, nothing is planned in advance for the media release.

      webmaster (Thursday, March 8, 2018)

  • When is the next update. Cant wait to see a sexy lady and her clothes and shoes ruined in mud

    Tara (Friday, April 13, 2018)

    • We will do mud shootings this summer... So there should be continuity in a few months.

      webmaster (Saturday, April 14, 2018)

      • So no update this month? 😭

        Tara (Saturday, April 14, 2018)

        • No, sadly I run out of them.

          webmaster (Monday, April 16, 2018)

  • Any mud vids yet.

    Guest (Friday, June 15, 2018)

  • Is this site still running

    Guest (Friday, July 27, 2018)

    • If you mean the messy site, yes, we are planning to make some mud sessions. We will not make slime sessions anymore for a while.

      webmaster (Saturday, July 28, 2018)

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