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Julia's dream is to become a super model one day... Of course I could tell right when I saw her that she is made for modelling as she is tall, beautiful and she has a very positive attitude she has a superb smile and believe it or not she was always open (she said) to all the challenges he heard about.
And believe it or not our "challenge" to get her into the sea with all her clothes on, was not the hardest thing she had to do :)
Anyway... you should know that she was already working as a model when we met... so I knew this time will be not hard to get her into the sea fully clothed... BUT I thought that I will make the things more interesting for her... so I din't told her WHY she have to come with me... I told her that it will be a surprise and she will find out only at the sea side what she suppose to do. Of course I was taking the risk too cos if she would say NO then it would mean that I went all over there for nothing. BUT of course she said yes and after a little cat walk moves on the beach she walked in and out in the sea, getting her clothes slowly, gradually, wet.
Judging upon the look on her face I am sure she will come back for more shootings after this one.
One thing for the shoe fans, the beautiful platform heels she was wearing was taken off after 3 minutes so if you prefer clips where the heels stay on for the whole time then this session is probably not for you.


  • Yeahh! Those are some nice heels, get them wreched! Those are the kinds of heels that should go in the mud with wash off or get grinded by rocks

    Guest (Monday, June 23, 2014)

    • She didn't kept them too long on :) probably because the shoes are expensive.

      webmaster (Monday, June 23, 2014)

  • Hey,

    What brand was her shoes?

    How expensive? Was it her decision to take it off??

    Guest (Monday, June 23, 2014)

    • It's always their decision to take them off or keep them on :) We merely suggest sometimes things to them (not in this case tough)

      webmaster (Tuesday, June 24, 2014)

  • Julia is beautiful

    Fast (Monday, June 23, 2014)

  • Did you make some more Updates with her ?

    John (Monday, June 23, 2014)

    • We have a few more... but very few... 2-3 more updates.

      webmaster (Tuesday, June 24, 2014)

      • Get them on soon

        Guest (Sunday, June 29, 2014)

        • :) Ok, will see what I can do about that.

          webmaster (Monday, June 30, 2014)

  • Julia looks amazing wet! I bet when she put that shirt on that morning she had no idea how see-through it would end up :)

    Charlie (Monday, June 23, 2014)

    • :)) True.

      webmaster (Tuesday, June 24, 2014)

  • Any back pics of the wet leggings?

    Guest (Monday, June 23, 2014)

    • Extra Picture #1
      Extra Picture #1

      We have a few... and this is one of them.

      webmaster (Tuesday, June 24, 2014)

      • Great back view! Love the bright white bra straps showing too :)

        Charlie (Friday, June 27, 2014)

        • Thanks for the feedback ;)

          webmaster (Saturday, June 28, 2014)

  • Extra Picture #1
    Extra Picture #1

    For the nylon socks fans and well... not just for them :)

    webmaster (Tuesday, June 24, 2014)

  • In my opinion this is one of the best Wetlookhunter videos that i've seen so far :) Julia is very lovely/beautiful/sexy.

    Petri (Tuesday, June 24, 2014)

    • I am very happy to see your feedback on the blog Petri, especially because I know you saw the clip.

      Thank you for the support.

      webmaster (Tuesday, June 24, 2014)

  • Tell me something more about your updates with her!!

    TheHoppel (Saturday, June 28, 2014)

    • What do you mean? Announce in advance the updates? I cannot do that... have to keep you interested :)

      webmaster (Monday, June 30, 2014)

      • I´am very interested. :) But I only want to know, if you have some additional photoshootings with her...with other outfits..... ;)

        TheHoppel (Monday, July 21, 2014)

        • Yes, there will be some more updates with her in the future.

          webmaster (Monday, July 21, 2014)

          • Coool.... :o)

            TheHoppel (Sunday, July 27, 2014)

  • What about Patricia??? Did you make some Updates with her?

    TheHoppel (Sunday, July 27, 2014)

    • Yes, we have even more with Patricia.

      webmaster (Monday, July 28, 2014)

  • Have you managed to get her to do some more?

    Is there anyway we can convince her to keep her expensive shoes on??

    Guest (Monday, August 11, 2014)

    • There is only one way to get a girl to keep the expensive shoes on... Buy her a more expensive one :)

      webmaster (Monday, August 11, 2014)

      • Do we know how expensive these were?

        I have an idea.....

        Guest (Monday, August 11, 2014)

  • I don't have any idea... but they look pretty nice ;)

    webmaster (Tuesday, August 12, 2014)

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