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I have to say that IF I could get this 18 year-old girl to get messy just for the fun of it, I would go straight to the next lottery store and buy a ticket, because it would mean that I am the luckiest guy in town. Fortunately, I kept the money for the ticket because she did not agree to come with us and mess her nice clothes JUST for fun. I promised her a new set of clothes and as usual she could keep the old ones too (if they were not completely ruined after the messy session). Anyway... I had to offer Reka some money to get her messy, but I can assure you, it was very well spent money because we got a very nice clip with her, and we even got her to work for us in the future, which means that you will see her quite a lot on the sites in the future (especially on TrashTheGirl.com).
Back to the clip, she was wearing a nice satin shirt, a pair of tight black pants and high heels, and as we have featured recently, we have a wash off session in the end of the clip.


  • Did she wear nylons and remove her heels ?

    John (Monday, July 15, 2013)

    • I don't remember if she was wearing pantyhose or nylon socks or any of the two, it was a long time ago. BUT she did not removed the shoes.

      webmaster (Tuesday, July 16, 2013)

  • Any free wet pants picture?

    Guest (Tuesday, July 16, 2013)

    • No extra wet pictures for this one.

      webmaster (Wednesday, July 17, 2013)

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