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In the monotonous hum of a dull afternoon, the city breathed a languid sigh, its streets stretching out like tired limbs under a heavy sky. Laura, her day's work behind her, moved through this tableau, a solitary figure amidst the concrete and glass.

Still wearing her office attire, the fabric of her blouse whispering against her skin with each step, and her mind, usually abuzz with the day's challenges, had slowed to match the city's lethargy. She holds a cup of steaming tea in one hand, the warmth seeping into her fingers, a small comfort against the creeping coolness of the evening.

She glanced at the phone screen, a message lighting up the display. She typed a response, her thumbs dancing over the digital keys. The conversation was light and inconsequential, yet it gave her an idea! It was not her first clothed bath, after all, so why not...

Laura headed straight for the bathroom, drawing a bath that steamed invitingly in the quiet space. She slipped into the water with a sigh, the heat enveloping her, loosening the knots of tension in her muscles.

What a feeling!!!

Nothing could relax her more than the warm water against her clothes' fabric, so she sat and enjoyed the bat for quite some time.

The steam curled around her like a gentle embrace when she emerged from the bath. She padded back to her living room, still in her office clothes, now totally soaked, and she continued to drink the tea, the liquid's warmth mirroring that of the bathwater and settled into her evening.



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