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Her name is Orsi and meeting with her was an act of pure luck as normally she was not supposed to be in that park at that time. Orsi is a student - she studies psychology and that day she finished earlier at the college. She looked stunning and she had some free time but there was a problem that Lara (our huntress) had to take care of in order to get Orsi wet and that is because Orsi dressed up in leather clothes to impress her boyfriend. How did Orsi impress her boy that day I don't know BUT I am sure some of the people she met on her way home was sure impressed if they saw her walking by in her soaked wet clothes.




    Tara (Sunday, July 21, 2019)

    • Tara I promis I will get wet soon in that outfit :-)

      Lara (Monday, July 22, 2019)

      • Including your handbag and its contents.
        What about messy?

        Tara (Wednesday, July 24, 2019)

  • what would I have made available by the hunter was every week a wonderfully gorgeous girl:)

    BENECO (Monday, July 22, 2019)

    • We will get to that eventually :) I am happy I could restart the project and I can do two sessions per month.

      webmaster (Wednesday, July 24, 2019)

  • picture of the front of her shirt

    Guest (Monday, July 22, 2019)

  • She looks like one of a party models, as same as a girl in T987c9 update.

    Janko (Monday, July 22, 2019)

    • she is

      Guest (Tuesday, July 23, 2019)

    • Hello Janko,
      yes, because she was attending to a party. We just released the wetlook hunter session after the party release.

      webmaster (Wednesday, July 24, 2019)

  • What about Lara??

    Guest (Wednesday, July 24, 2019)

    • I am not sure I understand the question.

      webmaster (Friday, July 26, 2019)

  • Looks great. Would be nice to see some Levi's jeans again.

    Guest (Thursday, July 25, 2019)

    • I will pass this to the shooting crew.

      webmaster (Friday, July 26, 2019)

  • You guys would make so much money if you put her in a gunge tank wearing that!

    Coolio (Saturday, August 3, 2019)

    • Gunge is something that it is very hard to do. We cannot get the ingredients for gunge. We tried to make ingredients of our own BUT the cost was so expensive that we give up ;)

      webmaster (Monday, August 5, 2019)

  • Lara should get wet wearing that leather outfit in a shower then hot tub

    Hollie (Monday, September 16, 2019)

  • Extra pictures of wet jacket

    Guy (Monday, September 30, 2019)

    • Extra Picture #1
      Extra Picture #1

      One for the jacket fans.

      webmaster (Wednesday, October 2, 2019)

      • Will Lara ever get wet in leather pants & heels?

        Hollie (Tuesday, October 8, 2019)

        • I will forward her the message... she is away doing some new shootings. I am sure she will reply soon.

          webmaster (Thursday, October 10, 2019)

  • Oooh do I spot a watch?

    Guest (Wednesday, October 16, 2019)

    • Yes, she is waring a watch.

      webmaster (Wednesday, October 16, 2019)

      • SOLD!

        (Would like more watches in wetlook and messy vids!)

        Guest (Wednesday, October 16, 2019)

        • 👍😉

          webmaster (Thursday, October 17, 2019)

  • Trailer:

    Eurowam Team (Tuesday, May 19, 2020)

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