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19 minutes
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The session starts (like almost every other session) with a friendly exchange of greetings between Lara and the hunter girl (Lia is her name). Lara asked Lia if she knew the time (since she was already watching her smartphone), revealing her curiosity. With an amiable atmosphere set, Lara takes the plunge and introduces the intriguing proposition she has in mind.

Lia's day takes an exciting twist when Lara learns about her plan to buy a swimming pool pass. The conversation takes an exciting turn as they discuss their mutual affinity for water and photography. Lia's openness to the camera is evident, having had experience with photo shoots before.

Lara seizes the moment and extends a unique invitation to Lia, aligned perfectly with her imminent pool pass purchase. She proposes an impromptu opportunity for Lia to participate in a video shoot. The twist? It's all about taking a bath fully clothed.

Lia listens with curiosity as Lara outlines the concept of the video. The idea is simple yet intriguing: beautifully clothed women like Lia submerging themselves in water for a reality show. Lara assures Lia that the experience will be fun and assured her that she don't have to remove her clothes. Well, maybe her jacket, she said, to be completely honest ;)

With questions swirling, Lia seeks clarification about the logistics and Lara provides details about the (nearby) location equipped with a bathtub and a shower, where the shoot will take place.

Lara (as usual) clarifies that the videos are part of a reality show, emphasizing that is always looking for pretty girls like Lia for this show. It's all about the experience and the unique concept of clothed bathing. Lara's reassurances melt away any apprehensions, and it becomes evident that Lia is already feeling at ease.

As the conversation draws to a close, Lia confidently accepts Lara's offer. The street part ends on a high note as Lia embraces the opportunity to join our Wetlook Hunter show and the hundreds of previous women who have taken the plunge into this distinctive adventure.


  • Hello Lara!!! Wpnderful hunting!!! Congratulation, how you always can get the girls soaking wet!!! And by the way, in this session you´re wearing your wonderful brown coat!!! Go om and good health!!! Your´s fan in love, Heiko!!!

    DG5ABR (Tuesday, September 5, 2023)

    • Thank you so much, Heiko! You are so kind as always. ;-)

      Lara (Tuesday, September 5, 2023)

  • Hi eurowam team just wondering if these 2 will be available up coming month or week ?

    bond (Wednesday, September 6, 2023)

    • Sorry Bond, I cannot make any promisses for future sessions. Especialy for custom videos. Sometimes we make deals with the customers who order them to post them after a longer period of time.

      webmaster (Thursday, September 7, 2023)

      • No worries would like to order a custom but idk I know it’s 150-200$ for a reason is it possible to go cheaper or no and if u buy 5 sets from here do u get 2 free ?

        bond76876 (Thursday, September 7, 2023)

  • Can the custom videos site is it possible to add new photos of Lara or niki in the photo of upcoming sets and btw is it possible to add more projects if there were any some of detti pictures aren’t available to view

    bond76876 (Saturday, September 9, 2023)

    • The custom-video site is for customers who would like to order, the pictures are just for watching which model you prefer to choose. I don't know about the project site, but I guess there will be more up there in the future.

      Lara (Sunday, September 10, 2023)

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