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Dorela is back after a long absence from the site. She is wearing a winter outfit, boots and tight jeans. As usual for some of the dunk tank sessions we make, Dorela gradually removes most of her clothes between the dunkings.


  • Good target good girl:)

    Baneco (Thursday, April 26, 2018)

  • You ought to do a wetlook hunter episode with the dunk tank.

    Guest (Thursday, April 26, 2018)

    • That would be impossible.

      webmaster (Monday, April 30, 2018)

      • Why would that be impossible? If a girl is willing to get into a bathtub fully clothed, what would be the difference?

        Guest (Tuesday, May 1, 2018)

        • It is because I don't have the dunk tank anymore...

          webmaster (Wednesday, May 2, 2018)

  • Wow! Nice and amazing winter clothing dunk tank action, look great and very funny to make this...Simply super...

    Lara (Friday, April 27, 2018)

    • Thank you for the comment Lara.

      webmaster (Monday, April 30, 2018)

  • Hello she is with the scarf in the water or not
    thanks for answer

    Guest (Sunday, April 29, 2018)

    • No, she didn't.

      webmaster (Monday, April 30, 2018)

  • Is there a picture of her taking off her ugg boots?

    Guest (Sunday, April 29, 2018)

    • Extra Picture #1
      Extra Picture #1

      You mean like this?

      webmaster (Monday, April 30, 2018)

  • Can we see her agian? I hope to see her video about wet or Messy

    asksaga (Sunday, April 5, 2020)

    • No, this was her last session.

      webmaster (Monday, April 27, 2020)

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