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Her name was Csenge, and she was about to meet her friend for a study session to prepare for some exams. It was a cloudy and rainy day, and Csenge was Lara's last chance to get someone into the jacuzzi that afternoon as it was late, and the crew had had enough for the day. Luck doesn't always smile back at the crew, but Csenge made our afternoon brighter. And hopefully, it will make your day better. Enjoy watching her, wet fully clothed, for the first time.


  • Did she take off the shoes during this session? Thank you in advance!

    Creekwade78 (Monday, January 8, 2024)

    • Yes, she did. ;-)

      Lara (Thursday, January 11, 2024)

  • Ahh i wait on hunter :)

    I download now amazing:)

    BENECO (Sunday, February 4, 2024)

    • Thank you for your comment BENECO! :-)

      Lara (Sunday, February 4, 2024)

  • Did she dunk her head underwater ?

    Neokronos (Sunday, February 4, 2024)

    • Extra Picture #1
      Extra Picture #1

      Yes, she did. ;-)

      Lara (Sunday, February 4, 2024)

  • I'm sure I've seen this girl somewhere before.

    Neokronos (Friday, March 15, 2024)

    • It can happen... :-)

      Lara (Saturday, March 16, 2024)

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