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Kinga prepared herself for Saint Patrick's day BUT she got the dates all wrong.
Enjoy her covered with green slime and gradually removing her clothes during the session.


  • Some extra photo in pantyhose?

    Guest (Saturday, December 9, 2017)

    • Extra Picture #1
      Extra Picture #1

      Here is one extra for the messy pantyhose fans.

      webmaster (Monday, December 11, 2017)

  • Any photos of her cute white flats filled with slime?

    Did anything get ruined?

    Guest (Monday, December 11, 2017)

    • Extra Picture #1
      Extra Picture #1

      She didn't filled the shoes with slime. :(

      webmaster (Tuesday, December 12, 2017)

      • Can we see some shoe filling in the next couple of sets


        Guest (Wednesday, December 13, 2017)

        • Not likely... the next sets (we will produce) will be mud only... for a while we will not produce slime.

          webmaster (Friday, December 15, 2017)

          • Awesome. Hope we can see her shoes filled with mud then slid back on her sexy feet

            Guest (Friday, December 15, 2017)

  • Did the clothes survive? Any chance of ripping them?

    Tony (Monday, December 11, 2017)

    • The clothes survived ;) No chance for ripping as these was her favourite jeans.

      webmaster (Tuesday, December 12, 2017)

  • Damn. I had to ask though. I like her in some of the other jeans/hoodies she has worn in messy sets... I will keep on hoping :D

    Tony (Tuesday, December 12, 2017)

  • Is there a new update

    Guest (Thursday, February 1, 2018)

    • I just uploaded one ;)

      webmaster (Monday, February 5, 2018)

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