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Probably all of you remember Isabella from one of the past updates. Those who watch that update know that she did not was alone on the bench, she was with her sister, Hajnal. So basically her story is the same with Isabella's. After a while she sit peacefully on the bench and watched her sister, Hajnal joined her into the mess for a cool mud play. Hajnal is wearing heels, leggings, black mini skirt and a blue top.


  • I love the way they play in mud, I really like that moment when they get her muddy feet together in the air, were they barefoot???, there is no picture of her feet, you know like a close up?

    Ed (Friday, October 31, 2014)

    • They go in with the heels on but then, because the shoes kept stuck in the mud, they took them off.

      webmaster (Saturday, November 1, 2014)

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