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he shortest way from "going home to bake a Tiramisu cake" to "Getting wet in a bath with all your clothes on" is, well... US! :)
Of course, we don't expect that "Getting wet in a bath with all your clothes on" to be a thrill for every girl we meet, but we have a commitment to bring in front the camera as many as we can find.

The newest girl who was brave enough to come with us and take a dip in the bath with all of her clothes on is 21 year-old Ruxy who works as a pharmacist. I don't know if all the pharmacists have a sense of humor like Ruxy, but I would buy a pill each day if every pharmacist would have that smile on her face.
Anyway... the action of this update is not around her sense of humour, but around her clothes and how they look when soaked in the tub.
So if you like autumn or winter clothes soaked and if you enjoy the boots and socks in the tub, you only have one more thing to do:
Download and ENJOY! ;)


  • Is there any extra wet jacket pics?

    Guest (Tuesday, October 21, 2014)

    • Extra Picture #1
      Extra Picture #1

      Please type a name next time instead of the "Guest" you can choose any nick name you want.

      Alex (Wednesday, October 22, 2014)

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