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It's early in the morning and Julia is reading her favorite magazine still wearing the outfit she worn at the party. She came home and she could't sleep so she thought the reading will help. After reading a while she realised that it will not get her anywhere and she remembered that every time after she takes a hot bath she sleep very well. So of course she decided to give it a try and since her clothes needed to be washed anyway she decided to keep those on, including the shoes.
As you can guess... the story is fictional, but the wetlook scene is real and Julia is looking great in the hot tub.
Enjoy watching her.


  • Extra Picture #1
    Extra Picture #1

    One more for the fans.

    webmaster (Thursday, October 13, 2016)

  • Hello,
    Is wetlook party is a stopped project ?

    Guest (Friday, October 14, 2016)

    • Well, not for good... but I need a proper crew to make that happen... I need 2-3 cameras and I need a proper editing crew for videos and pictures.

      webmaster (Saturday, October 15, 2016)

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