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We invited Alex to a POV session in the pool and the result was fun for her and for us too. Hopefully you will have fun as well, watching Alex soaked wet into the pool from a up close and personal perspective.
She didn't put on a bra this time ;)


  • Omg, she is sexy! Do you have more pics of her heels?

    Guest (Thursday, May 5, 2016)

    • Extra Picture #1
      Extra Picture #1

      Yes, I have. Here is one for the heels fans... She is posing to the video camera.

      webmaster (Friday, May 6, 2016)

  • Alex is such a great model. It's amazing how many shots she has made since you discovered her for WetlookHunter back in the day. I wonder if there is anything left in her closet that hasn't gotten wet or messy yet? :-)

    AQ (Friday, May 6, 2016)

    • :)
      The good thing is that we shoot the vids with her in different years and she has a good habit of changing her wardrobe often.
      So I thing she still has some clothes she can wear in the next sessions.

      webmaster (Saturday, May 7, 2016)

      • Haha, nice to hear! Looking forward to seeing more from her wardrobe in action. Any chance we'll see her in a full business suit soon? :)

        AQ (Sunday, May 8, 2016)

        • We didn't do a full business suit session with her yet... but this is a nice idea, so I will ask her if she has a full business suit.

          webmaster (Sunday, May 8, 2016)

          • Good co-operation ;)

            AQ (Monday, May 9, 2016)

            • :)

              webmaster (Monday, May 9, 2016)

  • Another great video by one of the most beautyfull girls ever entered a pool. It is always fun to watch her having fun - if you need a proof, just look into her eyes. It would be a special bonus - say "the cream on the sundae" - if she would put her head underwater.

    LexiFan (Friday, May 6, 2016)

    • Alex enjoys very much getting wet... she likes to get messy BUT wet get's her (I think) turned on... very very nice to work with her.

      webmaster (Saturday, May 7, 2016)

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