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In order to know how we met Riana please check the "Case T283c1". At the end of the clip I've asked her if she want to do another 8 minutes in the mud for us BUT this time in our outfit. After she hesitated a bit she said yes and the result is this update. Riana wears this time an orange cocktail dress and tan pantyhose.

NOTE: The P1 and P2 clips is encoded at 4 MBPS at 1280x720 screen size p1 contains the meeting with Riana and of course p2 the mud part. The sv clip is a lower resolution (960x540 screen size at 2 MBPS).
Enjoy the update.


  • Very cute girl. She has some very sexy moves to. Loved the dress and the whole performance. Great job.

    LopardeT (Monday, February 20, 2012)

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