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It's no surprise that Patricia wears an office suit in the sea... As a matter of fact she likes office attire so much that I would be not surprised if even her swimming suit feature a tie ;)
And of course the fact that she might of ruin her expensive heels in the salty water didn't bothered her at all and she totally enjoyed this session.


  • Extra Picture #1
    Extra Picture #1

    for ChrisPage from wetlookforum.com

    webmaster (Saturday, January 30, 2016)

    • Awesome!! I love this one! Is there a pic in the end with her high heels all sandy and wet on the sand? Can she take those high heels to the mud pit!?

      Guest (Saturday, January 30, 2016)

      • We got the gunged... but we don't have them into the mud pit.

        webmaster (Monday, February 1, 2016)

        • Are u gonna post the gunge update is it already posted?

          Guest (Tuesday, February 2, 2016)

          • Hello,
            it's already on the site.


            webmaster (Wednesday, February 3, 2016)

            • Awesome! Do u know if she still has those high heels and if she could do a mud pit set? She doesn't have to go all the way in the mud just her high heels on thick mud and then the wash off that would be soo cool!

              Guest (Wednesday, February 3, 2016)

              • I dunno if she has the heels... BUT she is not available for mud shootings.

                webmaster (Thursday, February 4, 2016)

                • Could she take those heels and walk on a gravel or rocky road?

                  Guest (Thursday, February 4, 2016)

                  • I will ask her that the next time I will see her.

                    webmaster (Friday, February 5, 2016)

                    • Awesome thanks! Let me know what she said if she still has the heels or not and if she is willing th wreck them on the rocks!

                      Guest (Friday, February 5, 2016)

                      • I emailed her... waiting for her reply.

                        webmaster (Saturday, February 6, 2016)

  • Love this kind of clothing for wetlook and the shoes are great...

    lara (Saturday, January 30, 2016)

  • She keep the shoes during all action?
    If possible to see wet sandy shoes pic?

    Lara (Saturday, January 30, 2016)

    • Hello Lara,
      she didn't took off the shoes.

      webmaster (Monday, February 1, 2016)

  • Awesome thanks!

    Guest (Friday, February 5, 2016)

  • Thanks!

    Guest (Saturday, February 6, 2016)

  • Thanks for emailing her. I was trying to reply to our conversation but I guess it ran out of space

    Guest (Sunday, February 7, 2016)

    • OK :)

      webmaster (Tuesday, February 9, 2016)

      • Did she reply yet about still having those heels?

        Guest (Tuesday, February 9, 2016)

        • No, she didn't... BUT sometimes our ladies check email very rarely... they are more active on facebook messenger :)
          Sadly I only have her email as contact.

          webmaster (Thursday, February 11, 2016)

          • Did she ever check the email or get back to u on the high heels?

            Guest (Sunday, February 21, 2016)

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