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This is probably Enci's sexiest update yet. This is the first part of a longer custom video production that we decide to upload in two separate parts instead of cutting it to be around 10 minutes.
In this part Enci is in the office, she is working at her laptop and she ends up pouring the water from 3 bottles all over her sexy office clothes.
PLEASE NOTE that in this part the only wetlook action you will see will be when she will pour the water from the bottles on her short, skirt, stockings and suspenders, panties and bra. BUT it's a nice introduction and a bit cruel teaser maybe for what will come as "next update" in 10 days.


  • Looks absolutely fantastic! I look forward to part two!!

    Jim (Monday, December 10, 2012)

  • Did she take her shoes off ?

    John (Wednesday, December 19, 2012)

    • Yes, she did, BUT in the second part of the video. Please see the T847C5B update.

      webmaster (Wednesday, December 19, 2012)

  • Thank you :)
    Is it possible to see how the models take off their shoes before they are wet at new updates in the future ?

    John (Wednesday, December 19, 2012)

    • Hello John,
      I am not sure I understood the request.

      webmaster (Wednesday, December 19, 2012)

      • I would like to see how they take off their shoes before the pantyhose / stockings are wet, do you understand now what I mean

        John (Wednesday, December 19, 2012)

        • Hello John,
          yes now I see what you mean...

          Sadly this will not be possible.

          webmaster (Wednesday, December 19, 2012)

          • Dear Webmaster :)
            Why will this not be possible with new updates (maybe this or other girls) next time ?

            John (Wednesday, December 19, 2012)

            • Hello John,
              basically you want to see a little dry pantyhose and then the model should insert back the feet into the shoe and then step into the water right?

              webmaster (Wednesday, December 19, 2012)

              • Hello,
                that's exactly what I mean.
                maybe the model can still play a little with the shoes

                John (Wednesday, December 19, 2012)

                • I see... that can be done I guess in a few future productions... BUT please note that I cannot promise it will be next month or when it will be.

                  webmaster (Wednesday, December 19, 2012)

                  • That´s great new, thank you :)
                    I look forward to the updates whenever it will be :)

                    John (Thursday, December 20, 2012)

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