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This is an update produced for WAMhunter.com series.
When we saw Monica, we just knew she had to get messy. This 20 year-old beauty was wearing a pair of blue jeans, a white jacket, gold earrings, and a black undershirt with matching heels - a great combination to see in the mud, right? After a few funny lines regarding her name and a few compliments she's heard before, we asked (in English) if she was willing to get in the mud wearing her current outfit. Her response: "You are crazy." In response, we tried to mainstream it a bit. For example, you tend to get a little muddy while hiking in the woods. We then played the adventurous card, trying to see if she was the adventurous type. That didn't seem to go as well as we would have hoped, so it was time to try something else. What option worked? You'll have to watch the clip to find that out. We assure you, it's worth it. ;)
After the 12 minutes mud session we have a 8 minute wash off clip in the end of the messy clip.


  • this is one of the best muddy scenes i've seen in quite a while. She goes completely under and looks sexy at the same time. Keep them coming.

    ilovewetandmuddygirls (Friday, November 18, 2011)

  • This update is simply amazing, I loved the girl and outfit. This update is surely on my favorite list. Just wondering, was the wash off session video speed increased? If so, by how much? I would really like to get to watch that video in real time speed. The team really did a good job on this one.

    Steve (Wednesday, November 30, 2011)

  • Thank you guys for the feedback.
    No, the video is presented in normal speed.
    It was just so cold and the wind was blowing as so the was in kind of a rush to get herself cleaned ;)

    WEBMASTER (Tuesday, December 6, 2011)

  • Maybe I thought it was going fast, because I did not want the video to end lol. I hope you guys work more with her in the future, maybe some wetlook updates. She's really pretty =)

    Steve (Tuesday, December 6, 2011)

  • Sadly I don't have a contact number from her... we just did that clip and on the copyright release papers the number was wrong (or she changed that number till I called her).
    It's a pity cos she is a nice lady to work with.

    WEBMASTER (Wednesday, December 7, 2011)

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