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I like those situations where I met shy girls who can be convinced to get wet for the fun of it. In the case of the "hot shot" girls, I know for sure why they are coming for us: it's either for the money or for the attention, especially considering the fact that they have a full crew around them when getting wet.
In the case of the shy girls, however, the "full crew around them" is exactly the thing they are afraid of and they would prefer to be alone with the camera if that would be possible.
I can definitely tell you, though, that it is more thrilling to get a shy girl to get wet than a hot shot, and it was not different in Laura's case. Just watch her expressions as she soaked her clothes gradually, and then look on her face when she took a look at her soaked clothes. I am fairly sure that Laura tried the wetlook experience after the day we shot with her.

IMPORTANT: We don't have any pictures for this set because they got lost somehow. So if you wanted to buy this set for the pictures, please don't.


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