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When you are 19 and you are pretty there are only a few things in your life that you would not try... Don't tell me I am wrong cos we all was 19 at some point right? And if the things you try are presented in a nice way and you get some payment for trying something new, well that is even easier to say YES... and get your pretty face on WAMhunter.com ;)
Enjoy the new update, an update where 19 years old Laura covers her open toe heels, pantyhose, skirt and blouse with a bucket full of Orange gunge, and believe me, she had lots of fun doing it.
WASH OFF INCLUDED so check out part 3 of the video if you are a wash off fan.


  • I like to see messy girls, she looks gorgeous!Great update!

    bobby (Tuesday, May 1, 2012)

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