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It was just a normal winter day with temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius (32 Fahrenheit), and because of that, only a few people were walking on the streets. We were lucky enough to spot this beautiful girl braving the cold weather and she was kind enough to talk with us. I quickly found out that she is 21 years old and she is attending a university (which answered the question of, "What is your occupation?" so I did not bother asking her). I told her why we were there, and of course I could not forget to mention that she is beautiful and this is why we stopped her. Anyway, she did have some questions about the whole thing (You can see in the clip), BUT there was one she asked and my answer to that convinced her that we are "cool." She asked me if this whole thing with us and her in a rented apartment and a bathtub filled with water was a safe thing to do. I am pretty sure that the answer to that question make her think that this might be fun. So check out the clip to see how she felt in a warm bathtub, fully clothed with a coat, boots and all.

NOTE: The video is encoded only at 720p HDV standard and the 156 pictures can be downloaded as well as any other picture set in a ZIP format.


  • Maybe I wound't have taken down the jacket but the rest was great.

    jacket (Tuesday, September 21, 2010)

  • What a lovely and sexy girl. This is a great video. Nice wetlook scene ...

    Speed (Friday, December 17, 2010)

  • I bought all her updates... any more to come with this lovely girl?

    Paul (Thursday, February 24, 2011)

  • @Paul
    Yes... we will have updates with her in the future, on EuroDUNK.com and EUwetlook.com

    WEBMASTER (Thursday, February 24, 2011)

  • did we see socks?

    Guest (Monday, January 28, 2013)

    • No, Monika didn't removed the boots in this update.

      webmaster (Monday, January 28, 2013)

  • Can we see the wet coat?

    Guest (Monday, October 7, 2013)

    • Extra Picture #1
      Extra Picture #1

      Wet coat coming up ;)

      webmaster (Tuesday, October 8, 2013)

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