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Archive Membership Subscription

Archive Membership Subscription

EuroWAM Archive section have been re designed to be more "user friendly" and cheaper for your pocket ;) and here is how it works:

From now on the Archive memberships are recurring memberships and they can be bought individually for each site.

From the moment you pay the sign up fee ($20) you will have access to TWO MONTHS of updates (the updates you will haveaccesswill be updates older then one year) and the number of the updates depends on the number of the updates placed at that time on each site. For example on (former with the initial membership payment you will have access to 8-10 videos because the site is updated weekly on each monday BUT for the same initial membership you get 6 updates from as is updated 3 times in one month.

WAMClub Membership

With the WAMClub Membership you will have full access to all our Download Store videos with a discount of 50% on every update. To get your WAMClub membership please just complete the form below.

You can be a member of the Archive section or have a WAMClub Membership WITH THE SAME USERNAME AND SAME PASSWORD. The system will show you every time you are logged in, the status of your memberships.

If you have any questions regarding the conditions don't hesitate to contact us .

Below you can check the number of the updates you will be able to download if you sign up for an Archive section membership (please select at least one Membership Plan to see the updates you will get).

The Archive section has been temporarily closed. Existing members will still be able to access their accounts but no new subscriptions will be accepted for this membership type.

Thank you for your understanding.