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Lately all the update descriptions start with "It was a very hot day, that day" and maybe is the time to find another introduction ;).
"It was a sunny day that day" :)) and me and Vlad (the camera man at that time) was watching the marina... from a nice peaceful place... While we standing there I've noticed a girl sitting at 100 meters from us and enjoying the same view... Now of course we run away the fast as we could... :)) just kidding of course... and OF COURSE we get ourselves there and as usual I played nice, trying not to scare the girl and I've introduced myself and she find it not so strange to see us there with the camera and everything... She seemed more like bored or at least melancholic... She told me that her name is Andrea and she love to watch the marina "because it's something beautiful" she said... She was dressed very nicely... with a black satin business suit and high heels and pantyhose so I asked her where did she was... or where where will go... She said that she was to have lunch with her coworkers so I guessed this must be the reason she is dressed like that... Usually it's harder to get a girl dressed very nicely like this to step into the water but in all the cases I hunt in the "City of Sunshine" I found that is not very hard to get a girl wet... Well in the case of Andrea is was not hard BUT it was not easy neither... find out for yourself how it was and if she enjoy to soak that nice satin suit in the Black Sea.

Note: The clip is encoded in two versions (when you pay for the download you basically buy both) The CLIPS 1,2,3 are the Higher resolution [encoded at 4 MBPS with a 1280x720 screen size] and for the folks with a slower connection we have a lower resolution version [encoded at 2 MBPS with a 960x540 screen size].


  • Photo her heels?

    Rit (Tuesday, January 12, 2021)

    • Extra Picture #1
      Extra Picture #1

      Hello Rit, this is the best I have ;)

      webmaster (Saturday, January 16, 2021)

      • More photo witch her heels. Please. 😀

        Rit (Sunday, January 17, 2021)

        • Don't really have more Rit.

          webmaster (Monday, January 18, 2021)

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