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Natalie is ready for a dip in the tub dressed as ready for a cocktail party. Her satin dress, black sheer pantyhose and fancy heels look just great in the water.


  • Great update! Did she remove her shoes?

    Jim (Saturday, August 24, 2013)

    • Hello Jim... no... sadly she didn't.

      webmaster (Saturday, August 24, 2013)

  • The comment is not related to this update and everyone is welcome to comment on this, I am very curious to see your opinions.

    From September 1st we will change a little the way we manage EuroWAM.net in order to be able produce better material.

    First of all we will kill every subsite we have and we will forward the domain to the updates from eurowam.net

    As example if someone type www.casualwetlook.com will be redirected to


    And this will be the same in the case of the other projects...

    Also we will change the way we handle the Archive section, making it cheaper (hopefully without affecting the download store sales) , and in the archive section will be clips older then 3 years and from September 1st those updates which be older then 3 years will cost only 6$, clips older then 4 years will remain 5$

    There will only be a wetlook archive section and a messy archive section. And the membership price will be set in order to get one update for $1.

    The membership will be recurring (the best way to avoid chargebacks)

    That's about it guys... any comments are welcome ;)

    webmaster (Saturday, August 24, 2013)

    • I'm cool with that.

      I always come here to see what new updates are posted so I don't really check out the other subsites (except for wetlook party.com) to see the new updates.

      kiss11 (Saturday, August 24, 2013)

      • Yes, I see that these days, less and less people visit the subsites... most of the customers and fans go here anyways.
        This is why I though that this change will be ok for most of the fans.

        Still curious to hear other opinions ;)

        webmaster (Monday, August 26, 2013)

        • I've only just seen this change. But I agree with kiss11 - I rarely go the the other subsites.
          However, it's now March, and I see that the subsites are still there. Did you change your mind?
          I haven't noticed the older items you mentioned. Could you please tell me how I find them.

          earthrod (Thursday, March 6, 2014)

          • Hello Rod,
            the subsites are not there anymore...

            Can you please quote a link where you can reach them?

            webmaster (Thursday, March 6, 2014)

            • Sorry, you are right. I looked at the right hand column containing Popular and Best Rated scenes. Underneath each scene if, there is the collection that it is part of - (Wetlook Hunter), (Formal Wetlook), (Casual Wetlook), (Sexy Wetlook) etc. These are presumably the subsites that they would have been in. I mistook these for existing subsites.

              earthrod (Friday, March 7, 2014)

              • No need for apologies Rod, I thank you for the remark... I am happy we sort it out.

                webmaster (Friday, March 7, 2014)

  • Extra Picture #1
    Extra Picture #1

    One extra picture..

    webmaster (Monday, August 26, 2013)

  • Very nice
    Shes hot and hits the spot
    Bring her to me :)

    Daffy (Sunday, August 6, 2017)

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