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We was in the club just chilling after a busy day and we saw these Gena dancing with her friend. She looked very nice dressed with those satin short pants, white high heeled boots and white top. After they finish the dance they sit down and I just go over to their table and after I make some friendly conversation with both girls and I find out that Gena is a professional dancer and her friend work for a political organization as a secretary (I found later on). Gena seem to be the better side of them two, she was more nicer in the conversation. And she thought that the idea of getting wet fully clothed is not so bad after all. She mentioned that once she saw a girl pushed fully clothed in the pool and I think she wonder what that girl felt (apart from anger to the one who pushed her in :)... So it was not so hard to convince Gena to get her outfit wet for us. BUT I was no lucky with the coat which she insisted to get off BUT she did removed the boots at some point letting us see her nice nyloned feet. See the whole story how it happened by seeing this update... Gena speak English but because of the loud noise in the club we subtitled all the conversation. (BTW we did not have the permission to film there so we had to do it very discretely).


  • Super, great boots filling. Nice to see.You are very hot and sexy,cool video

    stanwet1953 (Monday, February 20, 2012)

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