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While Lara was doing her makeup, Kyra couldn't help but wonder if her favorite mini skirt would survive being covered in oil. But luckily, it made it through the session.
Enjoy the new session with Kyra.


  • What didn't survive? It amazes me these ladies are mostly always wearing shoes that are still good, and mostly always they are ruined. How do you convince these ladies to ruin their shoes?

    Tara8065 (Wednesday, January 17, 2024)

    • They don't mind their shoes, because they mostly don't use them. But after all, we offer them money, coupons, or another outfit or something. :-)

      Lara (Wednesday, January 17, 2024)

  • Would you be kind enough to upload one full back picture of her standing?

    deb (Wednesday, January 17, 2024)

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