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The phone's ringtone chimed on that cheerful weekend morning, and Lara's face lit up as she saw Virag's name on the screen. Their friendship was pure camaraderie, and every conversation with Virag was an adventure.

"Hey, Lara! How's your weekend going?" Virag's voice came through the phone with excitement and warmth.

"Lara greeted Virag with a smile, "It's been pretty relaxed so far. How about yours?

The conversation flowed effortlessly, meandering through various topics – weekend plans, work anecdotes, and the latest movies. However, there was one memory that stood out from their last visit that both of them couldn't help but giggle about.

"Remember when you visited me last time, and you ended up jumping into the pool fully clothed?" Lara's laughter was infectious as she recounted the hilarious incident.

Virag's laughter echoed through the phone. "Oh my goodness, yes! I can't believe I did that. It was so impulsive and utterly ridiculous!"

The two friends shared a hearty laugh, their bond deepening with each chuckle. As the conversation wound on, Lara's mind spun an idea. The sun was high, and the perfect thought crossed her mind.

"You know what, Virag? It's such a gorgeous day today. The weather is warm, and I was thinking, why don't you come over for a swim?"

Virag hesitated for a moment. "Well, Lara, it sounds lovely, but you know my track record with water. I'm still worried about losing another heel like last time!"

Lara couldn't help but grin at the memory. "Okay, okay, fair enough. But how about this? We have a jacuzzi too, and you won't have to worry about losing heels there. It's a perfect compromise, don't you think?"

Virag chuckled. "You know what, Lara? You've got a deal! A jacuzzi dip it is, then. No heels shall be lost then!"

With their plans set, the excitement grew between them. As the day unfolded, Virag made her way to Lara's place and soon made her way into the jacuzzi.

The rest is for you to discover.


  • I was really looking forward to more pictures of Virag, but unfortunately, as I can see, she is so overdressed that almost nothing of her sexy body can be seen!
    Why is the site changing in this direction, in the past there were much sexier series than recently!

    Guest (Wednesday, August 16, 2023)

  • hi lara, can i please contact you by mail? whats your mail? thanks, regards phil

    Phil (Wednesday, August 16, 2023)

    • Hi Phil! Of course. lara@eurowam.net

      Lara (Monday, August 21, 2023)

  • Very nice description!
    Did Virag really jump in a pool fully clothed loosing one heel, or is this only fictual? If YES, exists a video of this scenery?

    Jim99 (Thursday, August 17, 2023)

    • Hi Jim99! I don't remember that clearly, but if yes, there will be up for sure. :-)

      Lara (Monday, August 21, 2023)

      • Thank you so much!
        Another thing: How long does it usually take for requests about a model sent to custom videos.com to be answered? I asked a question about a model in the middle of last week and have not received any response until yet. I have also not received any feedback whether my request is being processed or not.

        Jim99 (Monday, August 21, 2023)

  • Any wet hair pics?

    John82 (Thursday, August 17, 2023)

    • Extra Picture #1
      Extra Picture #1

      Here you are.

      Lara (Monday, August 21, 2023)

  • when is next muddy set? looking forward to hopefully see shoes get stuck and muddy socks❤️

    dannyj1738 (Saturday, September 16, 2023)

    • The next muddy set will be in the download store on October 2. It will be a set with Lara. You can see the upcoming sets in the Prime section. https://eurowam.net/prime.php

      webmaster (Saturday, September 16, 2023)

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