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13 minutes
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Arriving home from the office, relaxing by the pool, reading a book, and playing in the pool. All while wearing her office clothes. Enjoy watching Erzsi.


  • Her feet are visable in the pics? Did she remove any of her clothes? Thanks.

    Guest (Saturday, October 15, 2022)

    • Yes, she removes her blazer and heels and shows her feet too.

      Lara (Saturday, October 15, 2022)

  • Did she go underwater ?

    Guest (Monday, January 30, 2023)

    • No, she didn't.

      Lara (Tuesday, January 31, 2023)

  • Will there be more set with her ?

    PAhyacintheDraw94 (Sunday, December 3, 2023)

    • As I remember there will be no more sets with her. I can't reach her anymore.

      Lara (Monday, December 4, 2023)

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