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This is Arna and she is wearing one of her working outfits. The deal was simple: whenever the ball missed the bat Arna had to get a little messier. Lara was kind enough to help out with the mud. Wash off session is available, as usual.


  • Excellent messy quiz!!;)

    Beneco (Saturday, July 2, 2022)

  • Surely Lara got a bit messy too

    Her shoes?

    Awesome upload! Can we please see handbags included tho

    Tara (Saturday, July 2, 2022)

    • Yes, a bit. :-) Handbags next time.

      Lara (Tuesday, July 5, 2022)

  • any picture of muddy faces

    Guest (Saturday, July 2, 2022)

  • Is the Adidas Firebird Tracksuit set in the making yet? :)

    Guest (Sunday, July 3, 2022)

    • Not yet, but will be soon.

      Lara (Tuesday, July 5, 2022)

      • I have been waiting that one too. Can you please use pink or white tracksuit. And if it gets too muddy to salvage, please let the model/models rip or cut it.

        Tony (Tuesday, July 5, 2022)

        • Personally I would love any colour as long as its the authentic Firebird tracktop!

          Guest (Wednesday, July 20, 2022)

          • We'll keep it in our mind. ;-)

            Lara (Wednesday, July 20, 2022)

        • If we or the girls have in that color it can happen.

          Lara (Wednesday, July 20, 2022)

  • Why do I feel like mud is not dirty at all even though mud is dirty?

    Guest (Sunday, July 3, 2022)

  • Why would you do that. that's disgusting, you're getting yourself dirty and mess with mud which is from the ground

    Guest (Sunday, July 3, 2022)

    • Because why not...

      Lara (Tuesday, July 5, 2022)

      • Because it is dirty/disgusting and there is a lot of bacteria.

        Guest (Tuesday, July 5, 2022)

  • Arna is awesome! I love the fact she was able to participate in her barefeet also - such a turn on!

    Guest (Tuesday, July 5, 2022)

  • Can Lara do another mud session

    Guest (Tuesday, July 5, 2022)

    • I will for sure! ;-)

      Lara (Sunday, July 17, 2022)

  • Wow! Looks like a great set! Are there photos of her from behind? Can we see the brand of jeans? :-)

    Ash (Saturday, July 16, 2022)

    • Extra Picture #1
      Extra Picture #1

      Here is one! I don't know the brand of the jeans.

      Lara (Sunday, July 17, 2022)

      • Thanks for your reply. Looking great in those muddy jeans!

        Ash (Sunday, July 17, 2022)

        • :-)

          Lara (Wednesday, July 20, 2022)

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