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Right after she finished sweeping the yard Lara took a nice swim in the pool and after a great pool play, she finished the job in the yard, still wearing her soaked clothes.


  • Lara, can we please see those heels with the flowers ripped off them. They would be so much prettier without them.
    Love the clingy dress 😘

    Tara (Wednesday, June 1, 2022)

    • Thanks Tara! I already ripped off them :-)

      Lara (Wednesday, June 1, 2022)

      • Can we see a photo pls

        Tara (Sunday, June 5, 2022)

        • I have to search, because I forgot where I put them, but when I find them I'll post a photo. :-)

          Lara (Sunday, June 5, 2022)

          • When you find them please wear them on your next outing looking for a beautiful lady to mess her clothes and while watching on the banks of the mud pit sink them into the mud and leave them there. Then occasionally in the future you can show us their slow decomposition.

            Maybe even stomp one of your jackets into the mud aswell

            Tara (Thursday, June 9, 2022)

            • :-)

              Lara (Thursday, June 9, 2022)

  • New heels and survived or ruined?

    Rit (Wednesday, June 1, 2022)

    • They survived :-)

      Lara (Wednesday, June 1, 2022)

  • Always a great day when a Lara session is available! Hope to see plenty more of this wetlook goddess!

    Guest (Wednesday, June 1, 2022)

    • Thank you so much! ;-)

      Lara (Wednesday, June 1, 2022)

    • I fully agree with you. She really is a wetlook goddess.

      Attila (Tuesday, November 1, 2022)

      • Thank you, Attila! :-)

        Lara (Tuesday, November 1, 2022)

  • STUNNING!!! I always enjoyed Lara's beauty and appearances ever since I saw her first wet shoot.

    RANDY V in OHIO (Thursday, June 2, 2022)

    • Thank you Randy! :-)

      Lara (Friday, June 3, 2022)

    • You are rght. I am fully convinced that she has oodles of fans, including me.

      Attila (Tuesday, November 1, 2022)

  • Hi Lara, I wish you could come and sweep in my yard, I could fill my bath up with nice warm water for you.

    Katy 1234 (Thursday, June 2, 2022)

    • :-)

      Lara (Friday, June 3, 2022)

  • I heart attack 3:)

    BENECO (Thursday, June 2, 2022)

    • :-)

      Lara (Friday, June 3, 2022)

    • Please don'.t

      webmaster (Saturday, June 4, 2022)

  • Hi Lara, you always look really classy and beautiful when you wear smart clothes, have you ever considered wearing a really nice outfit together with a fur coat, obviously a faux fur but one that looks like a real fur coat not one of those that looks like a shaggy dog, could just imagine you in the pool or a bath with a sumptuous fur coat on.

    Katy 1234 (Sunday, June 5, 2022)

    • Thank you again! :-) That's a good idea. I have a fur coat, so I'll do it in the future for sure. ;-)

      Lara (Sunday, June 5, 2022)

  • I can’t wait to see you do that

    Katy 1234 (Sunday, June 5, 2022)

  • Hi Lara, when you go home from work or it’s your day off do you sometimes just decide to get in your own bath or shower at home with all your clothes on

    Katy 1234 (Tuesday, June 7, 2022)

    • Yes, I used to do that, but not all the time in front of cameras :-)

      Lara (Tuesday, June 7, 2022)

  • Hi Lara, so you do actually like to get wet in private with your clothes on, not just as a job in front of the camera

    Katy 1234 (Wednesday, June 8, 2022)

    • Hi Katy 1234! Yes, of corse ;-)

      Lara (Thursday, June 9, 2022)

  • Hi Lara, you are the perfect woman

    Katy 1234 (Friday, June 10, 2022)

    • Hi! Thank you ;-) But I'm not even close to perfection.

      Lara (Sunday, June 12, 2022)

  • Hi Lara I don’t believe that for a minute, but if you do lots of wetlook sessions each one will get you a little bit closer and if you do one in a expensive winter coat like sheepskin or fur with leather gloves and boots and your hand bag with all your contents in that would be a massive leap to being perfect.

    Katy 1234 (Tuesday, June 14, 2022)

    • :-)

      Lara (Tuesday, June 14, 2022)

    • A full hand bag would be very very exciting, a mobile phone and make-up, spare ballet flats, purse with cards & cash, etc etc would be very special

      Tara (Wednesday, June 15, 2022)

      • Great idea! Ined to do that too ;-)

        Lara (Thursday, June 16, 2022)

        • Or even better, take the hand bag into the mud pit and fill it up, then item by item empty your handbag and we can guess what the item is before you wash it off

          Guest (Saturday, June 18, 2022)

          • :-)

            Lara (Sunday, June 19, 2022)

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