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Jenny bought a new photo camera and she tried to learn how to use it properly but as it turned out she likes better when she is photographed then when she is the one who is holding the camera.


  • Leather pants & heels are a perfect combination, would love to see more of it especially on Lara

    Skarlet (Friday, April 17, 2020)

    • Hi Skarlet! I don`t have leather pants, but I should buy one ;)

      Lara (Sunday, April 19, 2020)

      • Yeah you should really get leather pants and wet them later. It´s such a great feeling. :D

        Sarah (Monday, April 20, 2020)

        • Maybe wear it for hunting and then join the Bath too.

          Sarah (Monday, April 20, 2020)

      • I’d love to see you in a hunter session in leather pants too but would also love to see you and the girl in leather jackets get wet at the same time

        Guest (Monday, April 20, 2020)

      • Hi Lara! i sure hope you do get some leather pants, wear them with high pointed heels, nice blouse & shower like that, i’ve done it myself :P

        Skarlet (Tuesday, April 21, 2020)

  • You convinced me girls ;) I will do that for sure :*

    Lara (Tuesday, April 21, 2020)

    • Yay! i can’t wait to see it, it’ll be up there with the best

      Skarlet (Saturday, May 2, 2020)

  • https://vimeo.com/420149716/a2db8dc03c

    Eurowam Team (Tuesday, May 19, 2020)

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