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Well they say cats and dogs can sell everything on the internet these days but I am sure Lara didn't had this in mind when she stopped Kyra. Back in the days when i was the wetlook hunter I am sure I wouldn't go near a lady with a huge dog as I know the dogs can be pretty protective. Anyway, Lara is a huge dog lover so she didn't had a problem stopping Kyra and ask her all the right questions that over time prove to be the most successful to get a girl into a bathtub fully clothed.
We didn't got the dog wet dough :)


  • Where was this nice dog when she was soaking her clothes in the bathtub :)?

    BENECO (Saturday, March 7, 2020)

    • She took her back home befor coming with me. :-)

      Lara (Saturday, March 14, 2020)

  • Did she wear her wet clothes to go home?

    asksaga (Wednesday, March 18, 2020)

    • No, she didn't.

      webmaster (Friday, March 20, 2020)

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