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You remember the episode when Joana was hitchhiking and a her luck was that the only payment the driver asked from her was to put some water from a bottle on her clothes? If you don't then check the update T474c2 and you will see what we mean. Well Maya's luck was about the same and she was forced to pay by wetting her clothes... and as well as Joana she ended the afternoon soaking her office clothes into the pool. Enjoy watching her ;)


  • can I know the place that she is hitchhiking the next time? Fantastic clip.

    A Vittel (Sunday, September 26, 2010)

  • There is only one thing missing from this picture ... me! Great video.

    Mordor (Monday, September 27, 2010)

  • Creatively filmed with excellent resolution and sound, a stunning and confident model wearing those sexy clothes!!

    hun75 (Monday, September 27, 2010)

  • that is truly awesome!!!

    marcopesci (Monday, September 27, 2010)

  • Maya is one of the best models.Great video!!

    Jacky (Tuesday, September 27, 2011)

  • On picture 110 and 111 one can a nipple (or half a nipple) kind of peeking out of her blouse. Now if Maya do not want that kind of action perhaps these pictures should be removed (of respect to Maya).
    On the other hand love to see stuff like that.
    ps. can not see that in the movie.

    aseguest (Saturday, May 31, 2014)

    • Our models always review the photos and they are happy with what we post... this is a public site it's not something we keep hidden from them :)

      webmaster (Tuesday, June 3, 2014)

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