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A new pool session from Noemi. She is wearing one of her own working clothes and she had a very good time posing and playing in the pool.


  • Did she come back from work so dressed and got wet?

    He has a nice smile :)

    Baneco (Saturday, October 5, 2019)

    • No, she didn't. She got dressed on the set.

      webmaster (Monday, October 7, 2019)

  • She take off shoes?

    Feet (Saturday, October 5, 2019)

    • Yes, she did.

      webmaster (Monday, October 7, 2019)

      • I see the whole file but she did not submerge. :/

        Bath (Sunday, October 13, 2019)

        • The reply was for the " She take off the shoes?" question.

          webmaster (Monday, October 14, 2019)

  • Hi! She is awesome! Did she submerge?

    Bath (Sunday, October 6, 2019)

    • No, she didn't.

      webmaster (Monday, October 7, 2019)

  • She is really pretty and wearing an amazing outfit. Can we please get a picture of her soaking wet ass? Thank you!

    SoakingSteve (Monday, October 7, 2019)

    • Sorry Steve but I don't have any back pictures.

      webmaster (Tuesday, October 8, 2019)

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