Kinga works for a Skin Care and Cosmetic Company in Hungary. She has to travel a lot between different cities, but when she arrives in Budapest, the first thing she does, is giving a call her best friend and meet her. Anna lives in Budapest, and they are usually meeting each other in Kinga's hotel room. This time Anna is very happy because of her new boyfriend. She is telling the big news, that she's got a ring from him, and they are planning to get married next summer. This time she's forgotten at home the ring, but she promises, that next time she will show her. So, there is a good reason for celebration, with two glasses of cold champagne and a relaxing shower fully clothed.


  • more pfoto in panties

    Guest (Tuesday, December 6, 2016)

  • Do you have a front pic from the one in the white t-shirt?
    It should already be soaked if possible. She`s damn hot!

    Guest (Wednesday, December 7, 2016)

    • Sadly I don't have a full frontal picture but there are plenty of good angles in the video.

      webmaster (Thursday, December 8, 2016)

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