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First Irma is getting dunked wearing her sweater, jeans and boots but during the session she will remove the sweater and also the boots. Great splashing and great fun from the beginning to the end.


  • I am not a fan of dunk adventure, but this nice and smily girl in jeans and sweater and this kind of lace winter boot are very excellent mix for wetlook and whit the combination of EuroWam «savoir faire» we have a great wetlook fetish show...

    Lara (Monday, September 26, 2016)

    • :) Thank you for the feedback Lara.

      webmaster (Tuesday, September 27, 2016)

  • This is a great set, dunk tank is my favourite and I love when the girls have layers of clothes on. Did she go as far as removing the jeans?

    Guest (Friday, October 7, 2016)

    • No she doesn't remove the jeans.

      webmaster (Saturday, October 8, 2016)

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