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14 minutes
100 (1600x1200 size) high quality

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Out of the girls on our site, Afrodite stands out for her unique beauty and personality. But she is a bad girl, and she clearly shows that in her sessions. Enjoy her wetlook session after a fitness session, still wearing her full sports outfit, and after playing in the pool, she returns to her exercises.


  • Again excellent, please more from her...;-)

    koelemans (Wednesday, March 27, 2024)

    • Thank you for your comment! :-)

      Lara (Wednesday, March 27, 2024)

  • What an incredible video! That shake she does at 5:50 is just perfect 🤩

    sssp (Thursday, April 11, 2024)

    • Thank you for your kind comment! ;-)

      Lara (Thursday, April 11, 2024)

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