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The mud looks great on Andrea's clothes... and as you guys know she like it messy... so of course she enjoyed the situation.
Wash off session available.


  • any pic hosing her ass?? thanks!!

    Jimbo (Monday, November 2, 2015)

    • Extra Picture #1
      Extra Picture #1


      webmaster (Tuesday, November 3, 2015)

  • sandals wth sport clothes? :( Very few messy sock content.

    Guest (Monday, November 2, 2015)

    • Well if I look at this from the sandals and barefeet point of view they would say that we have little to none bare feet and sandals updates.
      I see the point and I understood. Promise to have some nylons in the mud or slime soon ;)

      webmaster (Tuesday, November 3, 2015)

      • Not looking for nylons either, like the white ankle socks.

        Guest (Thursday, November 5, 2015)

      • i also wish there was more socks when in the mud/see (other than nylon socks) ^^ but still doing a great job, and thanks for taking time to answer ppl's questions !

        DRE (Saturday, November 7, 2015)

        • Thank you for the feedback.
          I will love see what I can do about those socks ;)

          webmaster (Tuesday, November 10, 2015)

  • can we see her muddy sandals?

    Guest (Tuesday, November 3, 2015)

    • Sadly she took her sandals off in a short time after she got into the mud. So we don't have a picture with the sandals.

      webmaster (Tuesday, November 3, 2015)

  • Extra Picture #1
    Extra Picture #1

    One more for the mud fans.

    webmaster (Wednesday, November 4, 2015)

  • What happen to her Adidas's jacket? Why she took it off?

    Guest (Wednesday, November 4, 2015)

    • Extra Picture #1
      Extra Picture #1

      She took it off after she messed it completely.

      webmaster (Friday, November 6, 2015)

  • Is she wearing sandals?? That's really sexy!! There's a picture of her sandakan muddy or her feet muddy????

    Ed (Sunday, November 22, 2015)

    • Sadly we don't have one.

      webmaster (Monday, November 23, 2015)

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