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Brigitta is taking a walk, then she is taking a shower in open street and then a walk on the street while she was soaked wet.
She was wearing her own clothes (jeans , heels and shirt).


  • Nylon socks or bare feet???

    Guest (Wednesday, August 5, 2015)

    • Bare feet (not sure tough)

      webmaster (Friday, August 7, 2015)

  • At last, you dumped the abandonned wetlookway website to import them here o/

    Want her:


    NS (Thursday, August 6, 2015)

    • Well, its more then that... and that was not MY site... these are not my productions. I bought them. BUT the old site is dead indeed. I was hosting and processing that site (the same way that I do with Wetlook Adventure)
      Anyway... all the media from WetlookAngels.com and WetlookWay.com will be available here in the future.

      webmaster (Friday, August 7, 2015)

  • So You are a real administrator fo Wetlook Adventure? :D Someone with nickname "Tarzan" made photos in Russia, but You managed his photos?

    Slawomirro (Monday, August 10, 2015)

    • Yes, Tarzan produces the media and I am the one who handle the domain, hosting, CC processing (of course I get a fee from the sales)

      webmaster (Monday, August 10, 2015)

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