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It was a cold winter day, when our crew met her...
Dalma (that's the girl name) was properly dressed for the weather and probably her nice leather jacket was the reason we stopped her. :) Maybe not!
She was on her way home, back from a visit to a friend, and fortunately for us all, she likes two things we was able to offer her.

1. Being photographed
2. Money

So those was the initial reasons why she came with the crew and she soaked her nice clothes. BUT in the end of the clip she thought that getting wet with your clothes on is a pleasant experience and she even said that she will do this on occasions when she will be alone at home.

During the session she removed the jacket and also her boots.


  • Wow does she emerge from under water? Love to see a backshot. Curious ...

    Peterhnl (Thursday, April 23, 2015)

    • Because she didn't wanted to. It's very important to know that we don't tell the girls what to do in this series. We just tell them to do whatever they feel like.

      webmaster (Friday, April 24, 2015)

      • That's fair of course

        Peterhnl (Friday, April 24, 2015)

  • extra all-body picture when she came out from the pool?

    Hans (Thursday, April 23, 2015)

  • love the leather jacket and boots,even better when they are soaking wet.if she is going to do it again at home, would love to know what she is going to wear.

    Guest (Thursday, April 23, 2015)

    • Trust me... I will tell the guys if she will tell me.
      I have several models who do this in private as well... And pretty often. Especially those who live alone.

      webmaster (Friday, April 24, 2015)

      • Please could you tell us which of your models do this in private?

        Jim (Saturday, April 25, 2015)

        • Many of them: Simonne, Karida, Lilianne are just some of them that do this in private as well.

          webmaster (Monday, April 27, 2015)

          • Thank you for the information.

            Maybe an idea for a new project.....this girls could film themselves during the private wetlook session and sell the video?

            Jim (Monday, April 27, 2015)

            • Thank you for the feedback Jim. Not a bad idea at all... A nightmare to edit it tough.

              webmaster (Monday, April 27, 2015)

  • Cool boots) did they squelched when she walked in them after the soaking?

    Guest (Thursday, April 23, 2015)

    • No.

      webmaster (Friday, April 24, 2015)

  • if you have models that like to do it in private they obviously dont just do it for the modelling they must really love wetlook,that is so good

    Guest (Friday, April 24, 2015)

    • In general, one of the objects we are looking to achieve is to have as much wetlook loving girls as we can. So it might happen that one girl do it for the money FIRST TIME. BUT if we notice that all she likes about wetlook shootings is the money then usually we don't ask for another session with her.

      webmaster (Friday, April 24, 2015)

  • What is the name of the girl?

    Guest (Friday, April 24, 2015)

    • Her name is Dalma. I have included the name in the description now, thank you for the feedback.

      webmaster (Monday, April 27, 2015)

  • best girl best video :)

    baneco (Saturday, April 25, 2015)

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