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Adeline was on her way to met a friend of hers and she was looking forward to a peacefully day. BUT of course in life we know that sometimes what it begins right can finish wrong and what begins wrong it only can finish as a catastrophe :). Anyway was not the case with this 21 years old Hungarian girl... In the first place I noticed that her clothes was pretty sexy and since it's been a while since we did not had any boots updates I was determined to get this girl messy whatever it takes. And the money I gave to her sure worth the production with her... MORE of that, she absolutely enjoyed the sticky stuff on her and she was absolutely nice to work with her... SO we are sure that you will see her in more production of ours... BUT so far she is the new WAM hunted lady who covers with chocolate mixture her black mini skirt, tan pantyhose, black leather boots and striped top for our viewing pleasure. Enjoy!


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